• Balm#10 / Spine

    Meet your Heaven-Earth axis

    Strengthen your verticality in this sacred Heaven-Earth union and reach a higher awareness of yourself.

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  • Earth's Voice

    Reconnect yourself to the Earth

    Return to the source of Life and discover a state of deep inner peace.

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    Optimize your experience with Sound Balms®

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Sound Balms® change your vibratory frequency, operating where necessary, for a progressive and positive transformation of your entire being.

“These Sound Balms® are the fruit of my personal journey and my experience as a singer and energy therapist. Deeply passionate about the human psyche, alternative therapies and spirituality, I love beauty in all its forms, and more than anything, the beauty of Being – what I call the Essence or the Fundamental Frequency of the Being – which resides in all of us. In these times of great personal and collective transformations, these Sound Balms® are the sincere contribution that I wish to make to this world: a powerful tool of transformation, which relies simply on the voice and breath. ”

18 March 2020 | Erin

Preview of “Earth’s Voice“ with a free listening

Friday, March 20, 2020: Spring solstice day. Despite a chaotic context, what better time than this sacred day, which celebrates the rebirth of Earth, for you to discover this Voice… More than a song, more than a Sound Balm®: Earth’s Voice is a new vibratory experience to which I invite you, a return to the source […]

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06 March 2020 | Erin

Earth’s Voice, a balm dedicated to Earth

As part of Good Deeds Day, Tampa Bay, Florida, will host a large popular gathering on March 29, as well as many collective meditations dedicated to Earth. During these contemplative sessions, a Sound Balm® specially created for the occasion will be broadcast in the background. “Earth’s Voice” is a tailor-made creation of an unusual balm, to […]

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14 February 2020 | Erin

Combined Balms, new fields of coherence

As combination of several Sound Balms®, Combined Balms have quickly established themselves as an indispensable path of development as they open up new therapeutic perspectives. In fact, the multiple possibilities of assembly can respond not only to logic of energy circulation, but also to therapeutic logic linked to blocking chains. Subtle construction game? Undeniably! Focus […]

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I’m Erin, creator of the TNSO brand and Sound Balms®.

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and I am very pleased to accompany you in your transformation through Sound Balms®. Know that there is no greater joy for me than sharing this wonderful vibration therapy with you!

See you soon!

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