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Sound Balms® change your vibratory frequency, operating where necessary, for a progressive and positive transformation of your entire being.

“These Sound Balms® are the fruit of my personal journey and my experience as a singer and energy therapist. Deeply passionate about the human psyche, alternative therapies and spirituality, I love beauty in all its forms, and more than anything, the beauty of Being – what I call the Essence or the Fundamental Frequency of the Being – which resides in all of us. In these times of great personal and collective transformations, these Sound Balms® are the sincere contribution that I wish to make to this world: a powerful tool of transformation, which relies simply on the voice and breath. ”

09 January 2020 | Erin

Starting the year 2020 on the good vibration

January 2020. The grace of beginnings, the first glimmers of dawn… Each new year brings its promise of renewal. If it is not a new breath, maybe it is a new chance or a new look. A window opens on a field of possibilities and potentialities still unexplored and it is up to us to […]

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29 November 2019 | Erin

The Healing Power of Sound (3/3)

Adapted to the modern way of life, Sound Balms® offers the opportunity to reconnect with this tremendous transformative power of sound to accelerate our physical, emotional and spiritual development. Available online, they allow everyone to experience unique and profound vibratory care that promotes harmony and the opening of consciousness. Sound Balms® are audio sequences of […]

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22 November 2019 | Erin

The Healing Power of Sound (2/3)

We realize that these multiple discoveries (read The Healing Power of Sound 1/3), in their desire to enlighten our understanding of the world around us, actually only verified and confirmed what the great spiritual traditions have always known: sound creates. Sound creates In Hinduism as in Buddhism, the AUM, Sanskrit syllable also called “pranava mantra” […]

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I’m Erin, creator of the TNSO brand and Sound Balms®.

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and I am very pleased to accompany you in your transformation through Sound Balms®. Know that there is no greater joy for me than sharing this wonderful vibration therapy with you!

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