• Be fully present during the experience. Working with a Sound Balm® is not trivial, whether you feel the full effects or not. So, avoid listening to it while performing other tasks and give the experience your full attention. There is no need to force yourself to concentrate: simply be present, close your eyes and be receptive. Find a quiet place to avoid being disturbed.
  • Use high-quality headphones or earphones. Favoring your inner listening facilitates the implementation of the harmonization process. The incoming sound frequencies resonate with your bone structure, but also your skin and your subtle bodies, your experience will therefore be even more profound.
  • Choose a comfortable position that promotes relaxation: lying on your bed, sitting in a chair, wrapped in a cozy throw… whatever you prefer.
  • Adjust the volume according to your sensitivity. The volume level affects your experience, the higher the volume, the more powerful the experience. In cases of physical or mental problems (illness, depression), it is best to start with a medium or low volume, then gradually increase. If you’re just tired and wish to progress quickly, adjust the volume to your listening comfort.
  • Follow the rhythm of the sessions. Listen to your Sound Balm® at least once a day, in the evening before going to sleep or in the morning before breakfast, until change is observed. The balm can be listened to once, several times or repeatedly, depending on your feelings. Stay tuned into your body and trust yourself.
  • Be consistent in your practice. Ritualizing your experience will allow you to enjoy greater benefits.
  • Welcome your feelings. Impressions of malaise, nervousness and fear are often a sign of an unconscious resistance and the onset of liberation. If this occurs, acknowledge it and continue your sessions, observing what is happening within you and around you: the quality of your sleep and dreams; your general condition, physical and emotional; your professional and romantic relationships; events and synchronicities that arise in your life…


TNSO offers support that aims to achieve well-being, relaxation, stress relief and tension release, through the use of Sound Balms®, individual or group sessions and any other harmonization tool involving the use of voice. However, under no circumstances whatsoever do the Sound Balms®, available on the TNSO site, intend to replace or substitute any treatment through psychology, psychotherapy or allopathic medicine consultation. Listening to Sound Balms® cannot replace the advice, diagnosis and services of a medical practitioner.

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