6 tips to optimize your experience

    A Sound Balm® is a medium of high frequencies that activate your inner transformation. Thus, it is important to prepare for your experience as well as ensure the quality of your presence.

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    Be fully present during the experience

    Experiencing a Sound Balm® is not trivial, whether you feel the full effects or not. So, avoid listening to it while performing other tasks and dedicate yourself fully to the experience. There is no need to force yourself to concentrate: simply be present, close your eyes and be receptive. Find a quiet place to avoid any external disturbances.
    Favoring your inner listening facilitates the implementation of the harmonization process. The incoming sound frequencies resonate with your bone structure, but also your skin, the water in your body and your energy field, your experience will therefore be even more profound: lying on your bed, sitting in a chair, wrapped in a cozy throw… whatever you prefer.

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    Use high-quality headphones or earphones and choose a comfortable position

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    Adjust the volume according to your sensitivity

    The volume level affects your experience, the higher the volume, the more powerful the experience. In cases of physical or mental problems (illness, depression), it is best to start with a medium or low volume, then gradually increase. If you’re just tired or wish to progress quickly, adjust the volume to your listening comfort.
    Listen to each Sound Balm® once a day minimum, or even in a loop, carefully choosing the right time for you. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits.

    Conseil n° 4

    Follow the rhythm of the sessions and be consistent in your practice

    Conseil n° 5

    Welcome your feelings with transparency

    Impressions of malaise, nervousness and fear are often a sign of not only an unconscious resistance but also a sign of deep liberation. So, acknowledge it and continue your sessions, observing what is happening within you and around you: your general condition, physical and emotional; your emotional ties; events and synchronicities that arise in your life. Annoyances, technical difficulties, possible interruptions… Know that there is nothing outside of your experience with the Sound Balms®: everything is “the Experience“.
    To deepen your experience, you can also write down your impressions after every session (Day 1, 2, 3…), as well as: the number of sessions (one or more times); the areas of the body that responded; your impressions (cold or hot, heavy or light, emotions…), any images or visions; the quality of your sleep (deep or restless, with or without dreams, nocturnal awakenings…); your general condition the next day (tired, stiff, fit…). Each session is different, this method allows you to track your progress and promotes awareness. In addition, going back over your notes at the end of treatment allows you to better understand the scenario that is revealed to you.

    Conseil n° 6

    Practice conscious listening and write down your impressions

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    Listening to a Sound Balm® is not a commonplace experience. Follow our Listening Tips to get the maximum benefit from it.


    Keep in mind that it is not because you don’t feel anything that nothing is happening. You have found Sound Balms® for a reason: trust yourself.




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    Listening Tips

    Listening to a Sound Balm® is not a commonplace experience. Follow our Listening Tips to get the maximum benefit from it.

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