The pure and omnipresent voice.

A Sound Balm® is a sound sequence of varying duration, composed of vocal vibrations and breath. The sound is produced with a closed mouth and unfolds around a fundamental note and a harmonic palette, modulated using tongue movements. The silence that follows the sound is an important component of the balm because it bears the vibratory trace. Although some people may have heard other sounds in the background, such as bells, harp, running water, vocals or even crystal-clear music, the voice is omnipresent, no instrument is added.

It is primarily based on an intention. Indeed, the sound always follows the intention that precedes it; it is projected in the area of the designated body, via an entry point perceived by visualization (the navel for example, for the abdominal area). If a specific area is targeted, the Sound Balm® effect is never linear and may extend to other areas of the body, having not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual effects. A Sound Balm® can be designed for each area of the body, a specific organ, endocrine gland, or chakra, and also for DNA, blood, or both cerebral hemispheres.

The vibrations emitted will then affect: layer after layer, moving from the densest plane (structural, tissue), to the most subtle plane (cellular memory), as well as body fluids and body water. In this regard, the studies of Masaru Emoto and Alexander Lautwasser have demonstrated the impact of sound on water, which constitutes 70% of the human body. Moreover, the works of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny, have also observed the effects of sound and vibration on matter. In the light of this research, we can say, to a certain extent, that sound structures and organizes matter.

The sound follows intention

A Sound Balm® thus acts as a natural tuning fork to (re)tune the body-instrument:

  • It dissolves what is dense,
  • lightens what is heavy,
  • opens what is closed,
  • relaxes what is contracted,
  • connects what is disconnected,
  • unifies what is fragmented,
  • sets in motion what is fixed,
  • cleans what is dirty,
  • purifies what is soiled…

The effects of Sound Balms® vary and can sometimes generate discomfort: fatigue, muscle aches, unusual emotional states, tears… All these manifestations are signs that subtle processes are at work and that a deep cleansing process is in progress. Opening up and letting go are essential at this level.

  • Before choosing a Sound Balm®, clarify your needs and make sure you are ready for change.
  • Choose the Sound Balm® according to the area you want to harmonize and/or the desired benefit (see the product description: “choose this balm for“), then choose the most suitable pace: subscription or purchase formula (1 week, 2 week, or 1 month treatment).
  • Use headphones or earphones to optimize your experience and choose a comfortable position that promotes relaxation: lying on your bed, sitting in a chair, wrapped in a cozy throw…
  • Listen to the Sound Balm® once a day at least, for example in the evening before going to sleep or in the morning, until an improvement is observed. The Sound Balm® can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even repeatedly.
  • Be consistent in your practice: ritualizing your sessions will allow you to enjoy greater benefits.
  • As you listen, it’s important to remain receptive and observe everything that is stirring within you and around you: the quality of your sleep and dreams; your general state, physical and emotional; your professional and personal relationships; the events and synchronicities that arise in your life…

Sound Balms® change your vibratory frequency, operating where necessary and even beyond, with almost surgical precision. Thanks to Sound Balms®, you can progress at your own pace, independently, in harmony with your Fundamental Frequency, to attain a progressive and positive transformation of your entire being.


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TNSO offers support that aims to achieve well-being, relaxation, stress relief and tension release, through the use of Sound Balms®, individual or group sessions and any other harmonization tool involving the use of voice. However, under no circumstances whatsoever do the Sound Balms®, available on the TNSO site, intend to replace or substitute any treatment through psychology, psychotherapy or allopathic medicine consultation. Listening to Sound Balms® cannot replace the advice, diagnosis and services of a medical practitioner.

Please feel free to contact Erin and request the creation of a Sound Balm® adapted to your needs, by specifying your request (price quotes available). You can also use this form for any other inquiries.

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I’m Erin, creator of the TNSO brand and Sound Balms®.

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and I am very pleased to accompany you in your transformation through Sound Balms®. Know that there is no greater joy for me than sharing this wonderful vibration therapy with you!

See you soon!

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