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    Treat yourself to the experience of a unique vibratory treatment that cleanses and purifies your whole being, while restoring harmony.



    Single Balms

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    Choose your Sound Balm® as a one-week treatment, according to your current needs. In connection with an organ, an endocrine gland or a specific body zone, each balm initiates subtle energy processes that will work within you as you listen. Your vibrational frequency changes at a perfect rhythm, evolving towards a progressive alignment with your fundamental Essence.



    Single Balms



    weeks of listening

    €89 instead of €116 (4 x €29) for any order of 2 Single Balms

    Un suivi personnalisé

    Gardez le cap et avancez en conscience

    Vous souhaitez faire le point sur votre expérience, comprendre ce que vous vivez, lever les doutes et les blocages ? Bénéficiez d'un suivi personnalisé à chaque étape, en réservant une consultation téléphonique de 30 mn (40 €) ou 1 h (70 €). Service disponible 7j/7.


    Combined Balms


    Combined Balms are coherent combinations of Single Balms, in response to specific energy systems. They aim to restore the flow of vital energy through the different spheres and subtle centres. Thanks to their unifying action, they redraw the mapping of your entire being and facilitate the emergence of hidden potentials.

    Listening tips

    6 tips to optimize your experience

    A Sound Balm® is a medium of high frequencies that activate your inner transformation. Thus, it is important to prepare for your experience as well as ensure the quality of your presence.


    Earth's Voice

    More than a song, more than a Sound Balm®, Earth’s Voice is a unique vibrational experience, a journey back to the source of Life, a reconnection to our earthly origins and beyond. This is also Mother Earth’s calling inviting us towards greater love, gentleness, tenderness and kindness. Like all the Sound Balms®, Earth’s Voice is the medium of powerful frequencies that activate the listeners’ inner transformation and increase their vibration.


    The Healing Power of Sound

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” In one sentence, Nikola Tesla, the brilliant inventor who never received a university degree but patented more than 300 inventions, brilliantly summarized the fundamental nature of the universe.

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    Listening to a Sound Balm® is not a commonplace experience. Follow our Listening Tips to get the maximum benefit from it.

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