Unique vibratory treatments

    Sound Balms® are audio sequences which accompany you every day, wherever you are.


    An omnipresent voice

    Composed of voice and breath, Sound Balms® act according to universal fundamental principles, like a tuning fork, tuning the body instrument. Over the course of listening, harmonization processes are set in motion, promoting subtle changes in all areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You can progress at your own pace, independently, to attain a positive transformation of your entire being.
    The sound, produced with a closed mouth, unfolds around a fundamental note and a harmonic palette, modulated using tongue movements. Although some people may have heard other sounds in the background, such as bells, harp, running water, vocals or even crystal-clear music, the voice is omnipresent, no instrument is added.
    The therapeutic dimension of Sound Balms® is based on intention. The sound is projected in a specific area of the body, like an archer directing his attention to a target. The vibrations created then affect layer after layer, moving from the densest plane (structural, tissue), to the most subtle plane (cellular memory). Since the body is 70% water, they also affect the blood and body fluids.

    1 listening session per day minimum, depending on the treatment

    Choose your Sound Balm®, as a one-week treatment and according to your needs at the moment. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. For anchoring and a gradual integration of the sound frequencies, choose a Harmonization Treatment over a 5-to-7-week period. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.

    Harmonizing virtues

    Listening to a Sound Balm® daily allows you to:

    Sacred vibrations

    Sound Balms® connect you instantly to your vibratory nature, operating where necessary, with almost surgical precision. Carriers of high frequencies, they contain an infinitely precious ingredient: sacred vibrations. Thanks to this inner listening, Sound Balms® bring you back to yourself, within yourself, in your centre, as close as possible to your fundamental Essence.


    A targeted and global impact

    If a specific area is targeted, the Sound Balm® effect is never linear and may extend to other areas of the body, depending on the energy priorities at the moment. The effects of Sound Balms® vary and can sometimes generate discomfort: fatigue, muscle aches, emotional states … These temporary manifestations are a sign that subtle processes are underway and that an in depth harmonization process is taking place.Opening up and letting go are essential at this level.


    Every session, every experience is unique and depends on the listener. What a Sound Balm® can do for you, you can only find out by letting it work within you.


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