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    Vertical Sphere


    22. Feet Ankles • 01. Tailbone • 02. Sacrum • 03. Spine • 05. Pineal gland
    1-WEEK TREATMENT - €69

    The Vertical Sphere concerns the vertical axis of the being, from the feet to the pineal gland. This Combined balm strengthens the being’s physical grounding and spiritual balance, allowing it to fully live its embodied and connected dimension.

    The spine symbolizes the “axis mundi“, or axis of the world, through which the being rises to embody the union of earth and sky. This axis, at the center of the vertical sphere, is both physical and spiritual: while the physical architecture of the being rests on the tailbone, its spiritual temple is built from the sacrum. The sound frequencies here follow an upward movement: they unfold from the tailbone to the tailbone and are then guided to the pineal gland, vivifying the main energy centers along their path. Harmonizing the Vertical Sphere through sound frequencies facilitates the distribution of vital energy throughout the body and strengthens grounding to the earth, a source of connection between the terrestrial and celestial planes. Allowing the being to move forward, with faith and enthusiasm, and give substance to its highest aspirations.

    • Physical / Energy : Fatigue – Lack of vitality and joy – Sleep disorders – Mental overactivity – Procrastination – Toxic beliefs – Being under the hold
    • Memories / Wounds : Transgenerational imprints – Painful birth / intrauterine life – Difficult childhood – Difficulty in accepting and expressing oneself – Devaluation – Lack of self-confidence – Lack of autonomy
    • Emotional : Fear – Anxiety – Need for control – Difficulty letting go – Anger – Lack of forgiveness – Excessive emotionality – Lack of perspective – Attachments – Depression – Sadness – Despair
    • Connection to Self / Spiritual : Lack of grounding – Denial of embodiment – Difficulty being present – Lack of self-love – Lack of spiritual openness – Restricted intuition – Feeling of being separated and fragmented – Judgment – Powerlessness
    • Imbalances : Insecurity – Eating disorders – Toxic addictions – Male / female imbalance – Sexuality – Conflicts related to speed and time – Impatience

    1 listening session per day minimum

    Listening is done by streaming, without downloading the audio files, via the playlist in your user space. Each balm can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even in a loop, depending on your feelings. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. For anchoring and a gradual integration of the sound frequencies, choose a Harmonization Treatment over a 6-to-7-week period. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.

    Laura, Singer and Feldenkrais Teacher

    The experience with this Combined balm was a true journey of reconnection, reunion, openness and the rekindling of my friendship with my inner being. Old memories resurfaced from the depths of my memory, as well as old wounds, which I welcomed and embraced with tenderness and gratitude.

    The sound affected all my chakras, which were touched and opened throughout these listening sessions and sound journeys. I felt a deep alignment in my verticality, from the Earth to the Heavens, from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

    Gradually, not only did a deep feeling of openness of the heart emerge but also the power of Life and an awakening to the vast field of Possibilities, a gentle and luminous awakening to the sensation of feeling alive. Thank you Erin from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to have such a rich and healing experience.

    • Progress

    • Ground

    • Honor

    • Assert yourself

    • Perceive


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    The Treatments are turnkey listening programs, lasting 6 to 7 weeks, developed from the Combined Balms. By targeting the essential energy spheres, the Treatments ensure the anchoring and gradual integration of the balms, a prelude to the expression of your Fundamental Essence.


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    • Phéline

      01 October 2020

      From the very first session, I felt that things were happening, in my body and my cells. A little confusing and quite intense… but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Sometimes surprised, sometimes relaxed, sometimes on the lookout for what was going on, each session was different. As recommended, I wanted to listen to the balm for 7 days, at least once a day, but I quickly gave it up: a lot of things came together and above all, I saw myself in a new light. It only took me 4 sessions to gain awareness, not very comfortable but essential! This Sound Balm came at the right time in my life and triggered something in a way I have never experienced before. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me!

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    Vertical Sphere


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