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    The Treatments are one of the many applications offered by Sound Balms®. Developed from the Combined Balms, they consist of structured listening programs lasting 5 to 7 weeks: each week is dedicated to listening to a Single Balm, the last week being devoted to the corresponding Combined Balm, which plays a unifying role. The coordinated implementation of the sound frequencies thus elevates your transformation to a whole new vibratory dimension.

    Grounding & Vertical Connection

    6 weeks - 149,00

    Balms Included:Feet Ankles - Tailbone - Sacrum - Spine - Pineal gland - Vertical Sphere

    Immunity & Vital Force

    7 weeks - 149,00

    Balms Included:Pineal gland - Thyroid - Thymus - Spleen Pancreas - Prostate - Uterus - Vital Sphere

    Balance & Mental Clarity

    6 weeks - 149,00

    Balms Included:Cerebral hemispheres - Pineal gland - Sinus ENT - Thyroid - Heart - Mental Sphere

    Creativity & Inner Peace

    6 weeks - 149,00

    Balms Included:Thyroid - Thymus - Heart - Lungs - Hands Arms - Creative Sphere


    A determining factor

    In many areas, time is a decisive element when seeking tangible results. Whether it be for musicians practicing their instruments or for athletes striving to achieve physical performance, the repetition of movements, over time, is the key to true mastery. Moreover, in every energy process, an initial phase is often necessary to dissolve old structures, to overcome crystallizations and limiting programs, to subsequently trigger greater releases. Whether it is a question of movements or energy processes, time and repetition are determining factors that allow “information“ to be durably integrated. Through this phenomenon of repetition, the Treatments create a form of vibratory training, which stimulates the body’s natural responses and favors the transformation of the deepest layers: from neuronal connections to cellular memory, the DNA… By targeting the 8 essential energy spheres, the Treatments ensure grounding and progressively integrating the balms, which lead to the expression of your fundamental essence.

    The power of commitment

    Because they require a medium-term commitment, the Treatments are intended for people who are committed to a comprehensive, sustainable and profound transformation process. For the caterpillar destined to become a butterfly or the seed destined to become sequoia, there is an indispensable maturation time: that which includes all the processes involved in the transformation chain, prior to any rebirth.

    Towards a new body awareness

    The Treatments are an invitation to dive deeper into the heart of your vibratory matter to activate your inner transformation processes. Keep in mind that your body is the vehicle through which your fundamental Essence manifests, here and now. When this inner dialogue and connection are sufficiently established, it is not uncommon to realize that each organic function has its own consciousness and its totality forms a coherent, intelligent and unified whole.


    In these times of great individual and collective change, the Treatments support the harmonious development of a new body awareness and the fundamental Essence that drives it.


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