Incarnation & Life Energy

    6 weeks
    6 weeks Treatment - €149

    Listening program lasting 6 weeks

    The “Incarnation & Life Energy“ treatment encompasses the biological functions involved in procreation, from the heart to the genitalia. This 6-week treatment helps the being to live a balanced sexuality in connection with the heart, while guiding it towards the higher planes of consciousness. The Sound Balms® included are to be listened to in the following order:

    The course of treatment can be shortened by one week if you choose to listen to Balm 19 (prostate) or Balm 20 (uterus).

    Beyond the embryo, all new life is first created through the encounter of the masculine and feminine principles. In this complex alchemy, it is advisable to integrate the heart, the seat of love, the blood which transmits the heritage of ancestral lineages, and the liver which purifies the blood. Symbolically, sexuality represents the mystical union of the two great principles, giving rise to a third term, represented by the unborn child. However, true procreation consists for the being in merging these two principles within itself in order to give birth to itself, in its entirety. The sound frequencies here follow a downward movement, activating the energy from the center of the heart to guide it towards the genital organs. Harmonizing the Procreative Sphere through sound frequencies releases memories of suffering related to sexuality, promotes the balance of the two principles and releases the being’s energy potential. By honoring the masculine and feminine within and embodying their union, the being is able to reach a more essential level of reality.

    • Connection to Self / Spiritual : Lack of grounding – Denial of embodiment – Difficulty being present – Lack of self-love – Lack of spiritual openness – Restricted intuition – Feeling of being separated and fragmented – Judgment – Powerlessness
    • Imbalances : Insecurity – Eating disorders – Toxic addictions – Male / female imbalance – Sexuality – Conflicts related to speed and time – Impatience
    • Emotional : Fear – Anxiety – Need for control – Difficulty letting go – Anger – Lack of forgiveness – Excessive emotionality – Lack of perspective – Attachments – Depression – Sadness – Despair
    • Memories / Wounds : Transgenerational imprints – Painful birth / intrauterine life – Difficult childhood – Difficulty in accepting and expressing oneself – Devaluation – Lack of self-confidence – Lack of autonomy
    • Physical / Energy : Fatigue – Lack of vitality and joy – Sleep disorders – Mental overactivity – Procrastination – Toxic beliefs – Being under the hold

    1 listening session per day minimum, following the listening program

    Listening is done by streaming, without downloading the audio files, via the playlist in your user space. Each balm can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even in a loop, depending on your feelings. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.


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    Benefit from a long term access to Sound Balms®

    Treat yourself to 6 or 12 months of access to the entire Harmonization range:

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    Incarnation & Life Energy

    treatment6 weeks

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