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    1-WEEK TREATMENT - €29

    Blood quality is a reflection not only of the being’s overall health, but also its spiritual dimension. When harmonized, blood improves vitality and enhances the joy of living.

    A complex connective tissue composed of plasma, blood provides cells with oxygen and essential nutrients, while ensuring waste evacuation. As a fundamental life support for the incarnated consciousness, blood represents the internal river which nourishes the being’s organic ground. It concerns both the exchanges between the inner and outer worlds and the being’s ability to renew and regenerate. It symbolizes both life, carnal impulses (“have it in the blood“), but also the deepest fears, as depicted by the French expression “se faire du mauvais sang“ (literally “making bad blood“) meaning to “worry oneself sick“. As a true memory bank, it also carries the heritage of ancestral lineages transmitted by blood ties: a gift that is sometimes a burden that the being must transform in order to grow. Harmonizing the blood through sound frequencies can nourish, invigorate and purify the being down to its depths: it can thus let itself be swept away by its highest aspirations.
    • Physical / Energy : Fatigue – Lack of vitality and joy – Sleep disorders – Mental overactivity – Procrastination – Toxic beliefs – Being under the hold
    • Memories / Wounds : Transgenerational imprints – Painful birth / intrauterine life – Difficult childhood – Difficulty in accepting and expressing oneself – Devaluation – Lack of self-confidence – Lack of autonomy
    • Emotional : Fear – Anxiety – Need for control – Difficulty letting go – Anger – Lack of forgiveness – Excessive emotionality – Lack of perspective – Attachments – Depression – Sadness – Despair
    • Connection to Self / Spiritual : Lack of grounding – Denial of embodiment – Difficulty being present – Lack of self-love – Lack of spiritual openness – Restricted intuition – Feeling of being separated and fragmented – Judgment – Powerlessness
    • Imbalances : Insecurity – Eating disorders – Toxic addictions – Male / female imbalance – Sexuality – Conflicts related to speed and time – Impatience

    1 listening session per day minimum

    Listening is done by streaming, without downloading the audio files, via the playlist in your user space. Each balm can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even in a loop, depending on your feelings. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. For anchoring and a gradual integration of the sound frequencies, choose a Harmonization Treatment over a 6-to-7-week period. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.

    Stéphanie, Energy Therapist

    The experience I have had with this Sound Balm is incomparable to all those encountered so far. It was indeed in the most total discomfort that I was able to release a deep and distant darkness which probably would have remained stigmatized at the depths of my being. I had the opportunity to share this experience with two friends who were able to have similar experiences. From the first session, I felt within a few minutes, a presence increase tenfold. All my senses were even more present, the outside more perceptible, all this while listening and experiencing an inner connection. A parade of images, bodily sensations… So many things happening in a timeless way.

    I have noticed improved sleep, the desire to continue this attainable, subtle and easy healing process. True transformation starts from the depths, from the origin, and this is what the balm came to touch and accomplish. A unique experience worth discovering. Erin guides us and accompanies us by being attentive and available. Thank you for this encounter of souls which has allowed me to become aware of my deepest fears and surely even those further beyond…

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    The Treatments are turnkey listening programs, lasting 6 to 7 weeks, developed from the Combined Balms. By targeting the essential energy spheres, the Treatments ensure the anchoring and gradual integration of the balms, a prelude to the expression of your Fundamental Essence.


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    • Laurent

      25 August 2020

      After 7 days of listening to this balm and from the end of the experience, I had the feeling, in the context of a training program, to be much more magnetic. Many people have grown closer to me, considering me a wise man...

    • Odile

      25 August 2020

      From the start of the first session, chills went down my spine like wave currents... very surprising and intense. Repetitive deep yawns made me feel unable to breathe fully as if something was preventing my chest from expanding. Over the course of the successive listening sessions, I felt this inaccessible space open up and I was finally able to breathe deeply. During the last session, tiny bubbles, like sparkling water, took hold of the top of my head and a strong tendril-shaped pressure settled between my 2 eyes only to disappear instantly! Each listening session was different and very thrilling. I felt a powerful inner process in progress during each session, leaving me with a feeling of release.

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