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    Harmonized lungs provide an openness and amplitude that reconnects the being to the vastness of its deep nature. By freeing its breath, the being can be fully at home, both in its body and in the expression of its Presence.
    As the seat of breathing, the lungs ensure gas exchange between the external and internal worlds, guaranteeing the perfect oxygenation of the body. Surrounding the heart, they assist in its blood function and govern water circulation throughout the body. The lungs are also the place where certain traumatic memories (“breathlessness“) are imprinted, as well as emotional imprints related to sadness and grief. Informing the lungs with sound frequencies favors the complete opening of the rib cage, both in the front and the back of the body, and allows the subtle unfolding of the “angel’s wings“.
    • Memories / Wounds : Transgenerational imprints – Painful birth / intrauterine life – Difficult childhood – Difficulty in accepting and expressing oneself – Devaluation – Lack of self-confidence – Lack of autonomy
    • Emotional : Fear – Anxiety – Need for control – Difficulty letting go – Anger – Lack of forgiveness – Excessive emotionality – Lack of perspective – Attachments – Depression – Sadness – Despair
    • Connection to Self / Spiritual : Lack of grounding – Denial of embodiment – Difficulty being present – Lack of self-love – Lack of spiritual openness – Restricted intuition – Feeling of being separated and fragmented – Judgment – Powerlessness

    1 listening session per day minimum

    Listening is done by streaming, without downloading the audio files, via the playlist in your user space. Each balm can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even in a loop, depending on your feelings. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. For anchoring and a gradual integration of the sound frequencies, choose a Harmonization Treatment over a 6-to-7-week period. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.

    Elizabeth, Sophrologist

    My experience with this Sound Balm has allowed me to reconnect with some of my brothers and sisters, to undergo deep detoxification (physical and energy) and to validate a higher energy level of my body than before. This process has once again, allowed me to experience highly intense vibratory episodes, mainly along the Manipura and Anahata chakras. The vibratory phenomena were accompanied by:

    • yellow or green colored visions (depending on the sessions and the vortexes stimulated);
    • serene faces of deceased individuals that I was able to clearly identify;
    • different landscapes (which I did not recognize).

    At the end of the 7th session, I had a very powerful experience consisting of an energy release from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara chakra with an out of body experience (as in levitation) in a bluish aura. This granted me the certainty of being in the right place, here and now, with those around me including some of my family members who reached out to me after the end of the sessions.

    • First of all, there was one of my sisters, with whom I had a hard time with as a teenager. She called me out of the blue (which is very unusual in our relationship: we see each other once a year at Christmas and we call on our birthdays!) So, about a week after listening to this balm, my sister called me to tell me she had found pictures of me as a teenager when I was ill. She wanted to know if I wanted to keep them or throw them away. I decided to trust her by asking her to get rid of them. These pictures, which portrayed me in a very weak state due to my illness were used by my sister, at the time, in a very perverse way. It seems that the balm has allowed her to once again work through this pain or anger against me or my illness that certainly must have monopolized much the of my parents’ and grandparents’ attention, as well as being a source of suffering and stress for her and the entire family.
    • Then again with one of my brothers who suffers from a rare lung disease. Like every year, he was undergoing clinical examinations (this year it was March 8th a few days after my work with this 2nd balm) to see how the disease had evolved, and to our astonishment, his nasal polyps and pulmonary fibrosis had regressed, which has never been recorded on this type of degenerative disease. His doctors are very dubious, evoking even a possible initial misdiagnosis … My brother is for his part convinced that the Seignalet Diet and the naturopathic counseling that I have been recommending for years, are the cause of this improvement. He is extremely skeptical and resistant to the idea of balm therapy which I have explained to him.

    This Sound Balm also has an amazing effect on both a physical and energy level:

    • On a physical level, I am still experiencing (about 15 days after this balm) significant detoxination phenomena comparable to what I may experience during a 21-day water fast: reactivation of old pathologies (infant eczema, childhood asthma and chronic bronchitis).
    • For the energy level, in light of some of my new thoughts, encounters with strangers who approach me spontaneously (which usually does not happen to me!) sparking artistic, philosophical discussions … I realized that my frequency level had changed and that I needed to measure my radio vitality level in Angstroms. So I recorded some measurements using several types of formats:
      • Nails, hair, saliva and urine: all of which scored a very high level of radio vitality between 9,000 and 8,500 Angstroms. I usually score between 7,000 and 6,800 Angstroms when I feel fit.
      • On paper, I also noted some phenomena experienced during my recent meditations: here I scored an exceptional level of 9,000 Angstroms. These phenomena, for some individuals, lead to existential revelations, almost immediate, very clear and obvious.
      • Once again on paper, I noted some conversations I had with strangers: vitality level between 8,000 to 7,000 Angstroms depending on the encounters and the conversations or interests shared.
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    • Dominique

      03 July 2019

      From the first time I listened to the balm, I was connected to the sound that took the entire abdominal area, making it vibrate more and more. Then it went to the back and the lower back, and then it went up to the top of the back, also to the lungs, but more to the inside of the rib cage. This resulted in a great release of breathing. Feeling of having a greater respiratory capacity, that the lung space has developed and that an air of great purity has spread to the ends of the small bronchi. And I am sensitive to that level, experiencing breathing difficulties and having been affected especially for a week. So it was magical and wonderful… Second listening to the balm: the effect on breathing is undeniable. I felt my lower abdomen slacken and then it went into the abdominal wall with a feeling of clusters of air bubbles bursting constantly. Very pleasant and relaxing. Then the top of the back… It developed by enlarging in the form of a vase, up to the shoulders. In the middle of the balm, I was was overwhelmed by a great sensation of softness in my breath, as if I followed my inspiration into the bronchi and an incredible softness came to cover the walls with the tip of my small bronchi, which were inflamed. And this softness gradually spread to the diaphragm and throughout the umbrella that it forms to gain the whole of the viscera. It was amazing. As I listened, I live the breaths in a more intense and profound way. It is delicious. You would never want it to stop. It is the song of the sea, if not of the entrails of the Earth, the movements in its core. There is something axial that has something to do with pure balance and repositions the being in his center. And all this in softness, softness, softness…

    • Martine

      03 July 2019

      The vibrations of this Sound Balm helped me to free myself from my fears and anxieties that were disturbing my daily life on waking. My body was totally relaxed and I felt well-being. These listening moments have greatly relaxed me, allowing me to sleep whole nights. Since this experience, I feel like I have gained confidence, relaxation and above all, I have a calm mind, as if I were detached from any worries. The Sound Balms have the virtue of treating my insomnia. They have released me from my sleepless nights. Since I listen to them at bedtime, I fall asleep deeply and especially, I rediscover the pleasure of going to bed. The balm has become my bedtime music! My insomnia have disappeared and are only a bad memory. Long live the dreams! And a big thank you to Erin.

    • Ivan

      03 July 2019

      I have been using the lung balm for a few weeks. I listen to it according to my desires or needs. It is for me both tonic and soothing. I like to feel these vibrations, these waves that work in my body, and I appreciate the beneficial effects.

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