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    1-WEEK TREATMENT - €29
    A harmonized thymus sustains the sound health of the being, while nourishing a sense of unconditional love and wholeness. It is the seat of both pure joy and radiant peace and also a high place of healing.
    The thymus is an endocrine gland located in the center of the upper chest, which ensures the proper functioning of the immune system. Studies have shown that this gland atrophies under the effect of stress; on the contrary, it is strengthened when unconditional love is felt and experienced. Called the “point of happiness“, the thymus is therefore intimately linked to the heart chakra and unconditional love, and reveals the being’s capacity to give and receive. It also contains the memories of non-love, as well as the fundamental wounds experienced through the earthly experience. Harmonizing the thymus through sound frequencies facilitates the encounter with the true Self and, in turn, the authentic encounter with the Other
    • Physical / Energy : Fatigue – Lack of vitality and joy – Sleep disorders – Mental overactivity – Procrastination – Toxic beliefs – Being under the hold
    • Memories / Wounds : Transgenerational imprints – Painful birth / intrauterine life – Difficult childhood – Difficulty in accepting and expressing oneself – Devaluation – Lack of self-confidence – Lack of autonomy
    • Emotional : Fear – Anxiety – Need for control – Difficulty letting go – Anger – Lack of forgiveness – Excessive emotionality – Lack of perspective – Attachments – Depression – Sadness – Despair
    • Connection to Self / Spiritual : Lack of grounding – Denial of embodiment – Difficulty being present – Lack of self-love – Lack of spiritual openness – Restricted intuition – Feeling of being separated and fragmented – Judgment – Powerlessness

    1 listening session per day minimum

    Listening is done by streaming, without downloading the audio files, via the playlist in your user space. Each balm can be listened to one or more times in a row, or even in a loop, depending on your feelings. Trust your body to find the right pace, keeping in mind that regular practice results in the greatest benefits. For anchoring and a gradual integration of the sound frequencies, choose a Harmonization Treatment over a 6-to-7-week period. Finally, check out the Listening Tips to optimize your experience.

    Sandra, Sophro-Analyst

    With this Sound Balm, I suspected I would take a step closer to my heart but I didn’t imagine it would take me so far… After a few sessions, I realized how very little I actually knew my heart, in pain, it then opened up and healed, filling with love.

    During the first 3 days, I note that “my heart is an inaccessible organ. The ruby red ​​is too solid to be reached.“ Gradually, the balm acted insidiously, exposing the heart, to discover it was “ailing, forgotten, in need of red, love, listening, recognition. It is like an orphan forgotten over the years.“ From 5th day, the balm acted as a healer: “The feeling in the chest is wide, the pulse is very present. The breath massages, nourishes, pervades this heart space. Tears come to me. I am deeply moved, like a complete reset, ready to love and filled with love.“ Over the following days, the energy of love spreads throughout my body, “breaths come like waves of grace, a divine embrace envelops my body through my spine. I am acknowledged, welcomed, blessed.“ Emotions are very present.

    I seem to have awoken a whole facet of my body that needs to be expressed now: my feminine sexual power, but also new perceptions of the invisible presence of this love, palpable today. My worldview has changed, my energy has changed, my relationships have changed… And best of all, Love has come into my life! :)

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    The Treatments are turnkey listening programs, lasting 6 to 7 weeks, developed from the Combined Balms. By targeting the essential energy spheres, the Treatments ensure the anchoring and gradual integration of the balms, a prelude to the expression of your Fundamental Essence.


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    • Virginie

      10 January 2020

      I listened to this Sound Balm nights in a row. The first listening was very intense (I had put the volume loud enough not to lose a crumb)! Old and unexplainable fears have appeared, in connection with the mystic and the paranormal. Although I’m rather fond of that, I was terrified of what could happen! When I first started listening, I was in a state of violent inner suffering. Memories, which I would rather forget, came to disturb me and I felt in distress. The next day, I was much calmer, but I only make the connection with the balm now (11 days after the first listening). In the afternoon, I was very light, an impression that has grown since. The following listening were nevertheless similar: I pushed back the moment to go to sleep and listen to the balm, which I had chosen to listen to in my bed (I noticed that it helped me to have a good sleep). I was afraid of what might happen… My subconscious was again in total resistance! As I listened, I’ve felt various pains: along my windpipe, in my neck and my nape, in my lower back, in my hips and in my left foot. I realize today that I spent 7 days becoming, without realizing it, much more loving and compassionate with my former “persecutors”, as never before, and I feel wonderful today! I have a lot of ideas, a renewed creativity… I feel lighter and happier to live; I have hope and money comes when I didn’t expect it! I realize that balm works on me! Once again, it is necessary to have the courage to overcome our unconscious resistances and everything is set up very naturally, with grace, beauty, ease and gentleness. I practice other disciplines in parallel, but I am sure that this balm is directly linked to the rapid advances I am making! Many thanks for this balm, created for me, for sure! Thank you so much for this work that comes from the future, I’m certain! I hope that as many will begin to understand the importance and effectiveness of sound care… The time has come!

    • Christophe

      09 January 2020

      Listening to this balm, 3 times a day, has proved valuable in other levels than the third density, with bodily intense vibratory feelings. I listened to the balm without any form of thought, surrendering completely to sounds, body and spirit, in order to capture the subtle energy in each of my cells and each of my bodies. I can only advise everyone to use this care. Namaste!

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