Beware of vibrational poisoning!

    Erin | 23 April 2020

    According to the flow of information currently pouring into the mainstream media and social networks, here is the menu that awaits us in the coming weeks: a pandemic spike, a mandatory vaccination program, a massive deployment of 5G, a stock market crash, an economic collapse, a civil war, a 3rd world war, a new bacteriological attack, and so on… In short, we are going to be served a full feast:) And since it is a buffet, we are generously served at will 24/24 and 7/7. Who’s up for seconds?!!

    And now, let me tell you that if you continue to go to the buffet - copious I grant you, but nevertheless quite heavy on the stomach - and upon feasting on it, I guarantee you a severe vibrational poisoning, which will have the immediate effect of not only plummeting your general condition and that of the planet, but also destroying your dreams of growth, the golden age sauce. Like a hot air balloon rising gracefully in the air, the shedding of negative charges is crucial during your ascent - if you want to reach for the stars rather than hit the dirt. Otherwise, your vibratory rate is guaranteed to plummet. You are a being in transition and in “transition” there is “transit”: this is certainly not a coincidence.


    You are what you eat, not feeling up to par lately? Do you have a tendency to procrastinate (that's right: what's the point, we're screwed)?
    Depression, anxiety, nausea, restless sleep, hopelessness? You have just checked all the symptoms of vibrational poisoning.
    Now, far be it from me to ​​enter into internal quarrels, but the fact that these small rejoicings (see above) are founded or not, is not the subject - until proven otherwise, if you are reading these lines, it is because you are still alive and well. The point is not to deny this information outright, but rather to minimize its toxic impact on your being and observe what is good for you or not. Remember (I'm speaking to your higher consciousness here): what we call “reality“ - including the end times scenario - is a holographic illusion to which we collectively adhere. In other words, a dream, only exists because of the strength of our conscious and unconscious adherence (and the least we can say is that we adhere to it rather well). This deserves, for the record, a neon post-it note on your fridge door, for every time you go for your late-night ice cream when you’re feeling really down. Besides, as Marvin Testine finely analyzes in the last Reader's Digest: “A crisis of faith always precedes a crisis of the liver“. In these times of (digestive) troubles, it is therefore highly recommended to nourish your trust in Life, starting with a little diet or a mental fast, far from the media force-feeding you which causes so much bloating and nausea. I hope you have already passed the stage of gulping down anything and everything - especially snakes in the grass - and have started picking your plate, as well as your environment.
    What matters today is YOUR state of being at the moment, which depends on the vibratory nourishment you accept in your physical body and subtle bodies.
    This includes not only what you ingest orally, but also the articles and books you read; the videos, shows, series and movies you watch; the news and music you listen to; the words you share; the quality of the air, the smells and scents you breathe; the environment in which you grow; the beings you associate with… Without your vigilance, the risk of vibrational poisoning is great and it is up to you to watch your diet if you want to one day put on your 5D model multidimensional being light suit. This is your current challenge and this “lockdown” mode opens up the path for you.


    Do you want to know the taste of plenitude, discover the pleasures of satiety - and not lack - the infinite variety of the perfumes of lightness, the sweet spice of joy in creative mode? At the risk of disappointing you, no one is going to serve you this high-vibration menu on a platter: you have to create it yourself, by inventing a new state of being in the world. Leave the heavy buffet behind and nourish yourself with beauty, peace, joy, simplicity and trust. Sounds difficult? Don’t look for excuses: play along and pretend; this works too! Opt for detox cures instead of binging on fake news; invent your own recipes if necessary; purge and exfoliate your dead skin; drop the weights that burden you (get help from time to time); dare to strip yourself (just to see what it feels like); be creative with your current means… In two words: renew yourself! Furthermore: pay special attention to the beauty of the gesture; be elegant at heart; watch over the quality of your presence; sprinkle your days with fantasy; listen to silence and thumb your nose at all the haters who cross your path!
    Have the audacity to live with panache. This is the immense power of the creator - and the fine gourmet - that you are.
        “It is high time to rekindle the stars“ wrote Apollinaire. What if you started by rekindling yours?

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