Boost your inner transformation

    At the heart of individual vibration treatments, the encounter with your fundamental Essence is undoubtedly the most sacred experience you could ever have.


    Plunge into the heart of your inner world

    More than a vibratory immersion, TNSO individual treatments represent a true dive into the heart of your inner world, an encounter with your fundamental Essence. Although it exists beyond form, your Essence is present within you and manifests itself through your physical matter: indeed, it is that note, that fragrance, that indefinable color, that unique and singular vibration that you are, a pure emanation of the Source. Just as a guitar string vibrates when the musician plays it and expresses its notes, your Essence’s raison d’être is to vibrate and express its full spectrum of harmonics, in order to fully manifest itself to you, within you. Likewise, sound is a powerful tool that allows you to reveal and activate your Essence. To use the analogy of a guitar string, it is the musician’s role to strum it, make it sound and enable it to be “heard“. Often perceived as a gift by those who choose it, this inner reconnection with your Essence is a sign of grace and represents the tipping point that initiates the greatest changes.


    A unique and authentic experience

    Sound frequencies offer infinite possibilities that transcend the notions of space and time. This is why TNSO treatments are offered remotely, allowing you a unique, deep and authentic experience, from the comfort of your home, using a simple smartphone. Provided in French, these treatments are intended for French-speaking people.

    Initiation Program

    2 treatments / 2 x 2 hours - €333

    This program includes 2 treatments spaced a week apart, accompanied by a programmed water energy treatment.

    Harmonization treatment

    1 treatment / 2 hours - €169

    This single session treatment follows the Initiation Program and can be performed at any time.


    In this therapeutic approach, water plays an important role: since the human body is made up of more than 70% water, it is a privileged medium that provides a means of transmitting and anchoring these high frequencies in the core of cells and your DNA. The treatment therefore begins by programming the water by voice. This first phase initiates the treatment while establishing the connection. Then, the vibrations emitted penetrate your energy field and your physical body, creating a perfectly perceptible vibratory cocoon. At each moment, the sound flow shows the way, tracing the itinerary of this inner journey, step by step: through a specific organ, endocrine gland, cellular stratum or subtle geometric structure… The mind is not solicited at all; only your senses are called upon, inviting you to observe what is revealed within you. At the end of the treatment, the programmed water is conscientiously drunk under my guidance. A practice to be repeated during the energy therapy, as part of the initiation program.

    • The day of your appointment, find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable, cover yourself with a blanket or a throw.
    • Prepare 1 or more glass water bottles filled with tap water (filtered or not), to place near you, opened.
    • Check your laptop’s battery and wear a good quality headset or earbuds to keep your hands free. Make sure the sound quality is good so that our conversation is as comfortable as possible.
    • When you are ready, contact me at (+33) 06 30 65 11 98.
    • Development of inner listening
    • Awakening of the consciousness and the “little voice“
    • Decrystallization and release of cellular memory
    • Energy purification and harmonization
    • Reconnection and grounding within your body
    • Vibratory elevation
    • Recognition of your Fundamental Essence

    I found myself in a state that I can only describe as “complete bliss“, with a persistent smile on my lips, where I was bathed in the Whole, in the Immense. It was so intense, so deep… My body was heavy, deeply relaxed on my bed, and my Spirit was floating, here and also elsewhere, immersed in an energy in which I felt so good!

    • Caroline

      06 January 2022

      A beautiful moment filled with serenity

      During my last session with Erin, I was able to look back at moments in my life and witness the attitudes, beliefs or biases that were holding me back and preventing me from experiencing certain situations or relationships as I would have liked. Thanks to her sounds and support, I was able to reconnect with my lineage of women who have not been able to live up to their potential and reconnect with my power: that which originates, not from the ego, but from my ability to welcome the present and to say no when rightly deserved. It was a wonderful moment and the whole session went very smoothly. I appreciate being able to be guided and understood through Erin's perceptions, to get to the heart of my unconscious and free myself from the chains I didn’t realize I had borne until now.

    • Lorna

      15 December 2021

      Aligned with my Fundamental Essence

      I started with a Combined Balm and a few days after listening to it, I wanted to explore this path/voice even further. So, I got in touch with Erin and that's how I discovered “vibration baths“. The first treatment served to cleanse and decrystallize various energy imprints. It was followed by a week of programmed water energy treatment, which allowed me to evacuate my old energies to better anchor the new ones. Little bonus: I also felt lighter physically! The second treatment extended, in more depth, the work started during the 1st session and I was lucky enough to receive beautiful messages! Today, 10 days after the end of the program, I continue to drink the water programmed during the last treatment and I feel more aligned than ever with my fundamental essence. I would like to thank Erin for her beautifully orchestrated treatments with her voice, her intense sounds. I look forward to renewing this experience when the need arises. Thank you so much.

    • Vanessa

      12 December 2021

      A moment of completeness and union with my true being

      Suffering from a barely perceptible connection with myself, I wanted to try personalized care with Erin, whom I had already called upon for various sound balms, to help me access the mystery of who I Am. During these long-shared sessions, I felt like I was in a bubble, lulled by Erin’s voice and the vibrations emanating from her, emerging from the illusion of time to deeply ground myself in the present moment. I had many feelings and perceptions during these sessions and I would like to share with you an intense moment experienced during the last treatment. I found myself in a state that I can only describe as “complete bliss“, a persistent smile on my lips, where I was bathed in the Whole, in the Immense. It was so intense, so deep… My body felt heavy, deeply relaxed on my bed, and my Spirit floated, here and also elsewhere, immersed in an energy in which I felt so good! No more questions. At peace. I was filled with myself and that was enough. It was sweet, it was good… This moment had a taste of eternity. I felt that I had accessed the Essence of who I Am and it gave me a reference point to connect to again to find myself in this state of total Presence with myself. I welcomed with great gratitude this moment of completeness and union with my true being. A wonderful gift that I do not regret offering myself.


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