The Healing Power of Sound (3/3)

Adapted to the modern way of life, Sound Balms® offers the opportunity to reconnect with this tremendous transformative power of sound to accelerate our physical, emotional and spiritual development. Available online, they allow everyone to experience unique and profound vibratory care that promotes harmony and the opening of consciousness.

Sound Balms® are audio sequences of varying duration, composed solely of vocal vibrations and breath. In this manner, the voice is pure, omnipresent, and without any instrumentation. This type of sound is produced closed-mouth and unfolds around a fundamental note and a harmonic palette, which is modulated using tongue movements. The silence that follows the sound—because it bears the vibratory trace—is an essential component of the balm. Experiencing this inner silence automatically puts us in touch with our deep nature. Over the course of listening for a period of a week or more, harmonization processes are set in motion that promote the change in frequency.

Sound Balms® change your vibratory frequency, operating where necessary and even beyond, with almost surgical precision.

A range of vibratory care

For the moment, the range consists of five Sound Balms® numbered from 01 to 05: balm 01 (tailbone), balm 02 (abdomen), balm 03 (lungs), balm 04 (pineal gland), and balm 05 (a combination of 01-04). Above all, the therapeutic dimension of the balms is based on the fact that the sound always follows the intention, which precedes it. The sound is projected in a specified area of the body via an entry point perceived by visualization (the navel for example, for the abdomen).

The vibrations emitted will then have an effect on each layer of the body, moving from the densest plane (structural tissue) to the most subtle plane (cellular memory). Vibrations will also affect body fluids and body water, dissolving that which is dense, lightening that which is heavy, opening that which is closed, relaxing that which is contracted, connecting that which is disconnected, unifying that which is fragmented, setting in motion that which is fixed, cleaning that which is dirty, and purifying that which is soiled.



Even if a specific area is targeted, the Sound Balms® effect may extend to other areas of the body as well, operating physically, psychically, emotionally, and spiritually in a concurrent manner. Sound Balms® can thus be designed for each area of the body such as a specific organ, endocrine gland, or chakra, and also for DNA, blood,  and both cerebral hemispheres. When it comes to the benefits of vibrational frequencies, the field of investigation is infinite.

Testimonials of the first users are positive and conclusive, and TNSO wishes to extend its offerings with new balms dedicated to the thyroid, thymus, throat, and sacrum. The creation of customized balms that are designed to meet a user’s specific needs is also in development.

Sound Balms® is an open window into a new world of care based on vocal vibration at the service of consciousness and enlightenment.

Sound Balms® thus puts the extraordinary power of sound and voice at the service of the positive transformation of human beings. This is a transformation in which everyone is master of their own evolution and will progress at their own pace in complete autonomy. Easy to use and highly effective, Sound Balms® operate like a tuning fork, tuning the instrument—the body—according to universal principles. When the body is tuned and adjusted, it vibrates to a whole new level. As our fundamental frequency, or essence (our Being) plays its score flawlessly, it can radiate and take its place within the Great Universal Orchestra. In this way, the entire concert can change.


Vibrating: experiencing our fundamental vibratory nature

At the crossroads of scientific concepts and spiritual traditions, vibrating is a term that makes sense in the field of human experience.

Science has demonstrated the vibratory nature of the universe and spiritual traditions teach us how to reach enlightenment through the use of vibration.

The term vibrate is most commonly used to describe the feeling experienced when we shudder with pleasure. It’s a delightful state achieved by listening to music that touches us, and through meditation, creation, love, experiencing sacredness, or when we feel deeply connected with certain people or places. At these precise moments, our heart opens and our “vibratory matter” comes to life in full expansion. It’s as if our cells themselves start to sparkle with joy and begin an inner dance. Whether it’s intense or subtle in nature, we vibrate.

In other words, we experience the fundamental vibratory nature that is ours, in its highest frequency.

Sound transcends the boundaries of language, cultures, beliefs, and time. It awakens in each of us this part of universality to connect us to something that is greater than our individuality and that reveals our original perfection.

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I’m Erin, creator of the TNSO brand and Sound Balms®.

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and I am very pleased to accompany you in your transformation through Sound Balms®. Know that there is no greater joy for me than sharing this wonderful vibration therapy with you!

See you soon!

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