The Healing Power of Sound (2/3)

We realize that these multiple discoveries (read The Healing Power of Sound 1/3), in their desire to enlighten our understanding of the world around us, actually only verified and confirmed what the great spiritual traditions have always known: sound creates.

Sound creates

In Hinduism as in Buddhism, the AUM, Sanskrit syllable also called “pranava mantra” (the word prāṇa means “vital vibration”) known as the primordial mantra, represents the original sound from which the Universe would have been structured.

In India, the Brahman is the one who, through the practice of the Holy Sound, allows communication between the manifested world—that of men—and the invisible world of the Absolute. The Hebrew language also refers to this science of the Sacred Word. For its part, Christian tradition tells us: “In the beginning was the Word.” Whether sacred word or primordial sound, everything seems to be born of vibration.

If this powerful vibration of the origins carries with it the genesis of the world, it is also the thread that weaves the web of the fundamental essence of being.

Sound heals

If sound is creator, as we have just seen, then it is also a healer. Indeed, the use of sound in a therapeutic manner is an ancient practice. Since the dawn of time, it has been used by many peoples and traditions, including shamanic, to relieve, appease, release, and heal.

In the practice of Mantra Yoga, the vibration produced by the repetition of sounds (mantras) is used to directly act on the chakras and nadis. These energy centers and channels govern the circulation of vital energies in the body in order to harmonize the being and to foster spiritual awakening. It is also interesting to note that the Sanskrit term “nadis” means movement; vibration. The action of sound on these subtle centers causes a change in their vibrational frequency, thus activating their energy potential.

Because it is the very essence of all magical practices, the sound associated with the power of intention can also turn into a formidable weapon in the hands of wizards and malicious magicians. One sound can thus lead man to the heights of enlightenment or to the hell of the ego. The intention of the one who emits it is the only thing that makes the difference.

The power lies in the sounds, not in the words.

This explains why, in some tantric yoga schools, the adept is asked to express the mantras taught with the right intonation, without necessarily understanding the meaning.


Reconnect with the transformational power of sound

A question now arises: how can this science of sound fit into our contemporary lives? How can we reconnect with this tremendous transformational power of sound to accelerate our physical, emotional, and spiritual development? What tools do we need?

This is where sound healers and their mastery of the science of sound come in. With the help of their instruments or their voice, they project the vibrations into our energetic field in order to trigger the subtle harmonization processes that raise our frequency, open our consciousness, and, if necessary, effect healing.

However, alternative methods exist that do not require the physical presence of a sound healer.

The TNSO brand and Sound Balms® in particular, provides an innovative and relevant answer to all those who wish to undertake this journey at the heart of the power of sound. This first range of vibratory care was born in France in 2018 with the intention of disseminating this transformative force.

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