Starting the year 2020 with good vibrations

    Erin | 09 January 2020

    January 2020. The grace of beginnings, the first glimmers of dawn… Each new year brings its promise of renewal. If it is not a new breath, maybe it is a new chance or a new look. A window opens on a field of possibilities and potentialities still unexplored and it is up to us to let the light enter our inner space. How are you going to embark on the adventure? With what energy? Are you ready to let go of the known to welcome the unknown? Renewal cannot be invited into your life as long as the ancient, with its suitcases loaded with footprints and debris, still projects its shadows and clutters the space. So first of all: cleanse, purge, store… and clean up! How? With Sound Balms® and a 4-week harmonization program. Explanation.


    Keep in mind that the quality of your human experience depends on how you vibrate. In other words, how you play the score that is yours, in accordance with your fundamental Essence –what you are in essence– and your life mission. In this perspective, harmony is certainly the most powerful energy signature for the next 12 months, to ensure the accuracy of your achievements.
    According to the dictionary, harmony is defined as the “happy relationship between parts of a whole”.
    As for the philosopher and spiritual master of Bulgarian origin, Omraam Mikhaeel Aivanhov, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, harmony is nothing but “the consent of all particles and all cells to vibrate together.“ Likewise, each individual can be seen as a complete world, a whole, made of multiple parts and sub-parts: from the intra-cellular life to the complex biological systems of the physical body, to our emotions, memories and beliefs, which all affect our inner harmony. Harmony, at this level, implies that each part is tuned and that they vibrate in concert. The result is an elevated vibratory state and a high level of vital energy, which not only promotes our evolution of consciousness and full expression of who we are, but also allows access to a creative, abundant and vibrant life. On the contrary, it is easy to perceive disharmony as a great orchestra in which each instrument would not only be badly tuned, but would play regardless of the score and the other instruments. You can imagine the general cacophony… In other words, you can actually feel encouraged by a clear and powerful intention, choosing consciously the direction to follow, as a bandleader would do, and putting all your energy and resources, but if only one part of you doesn’t play its score correctly, it is likely that you will go from frustration to disillusionment, wondering “why is this not working?“ This is the case when involutive memory or a limiting belief –such as “I don’t deserve it”– is active and sabotages your action, or when an energy centre (or chakra) is dysfunctional.
    If there are tools capable of effectively resolving disharmony and restoring harmony, these are sound frequencies: a powerful key, handed down since the dawn of time by all the great spiritual traditions.


    Grounding, cleansing, opening and connecting: these are the 4 key steps of this 4-week harmonization program that will raise your vibratory potential significantly. Whatever your current physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states may be, this program is intended to “purge” your subtle bodies and activate your energy centers and channels, so that your entire being gradually aligns with your fundamental Essence. This simple and structured protocol is based on daily sessions, listening to a specific Sound Balm® (approximately 10 minutes). Each balm has a targeted –but nonlinear– action, then you just have to listen in the following order.

    Week 1: GROUNDING – Listen to Balm #01 / Tailbone (1st chakra)

    The tailbone is the triangular, lower-tipped bone at the base of the spine. It is at this point, resembling a small tucked in tail, where the fundamental axis of a being’s entire structure resides. Listening to Balm #01 for 1 week lays the foundation for your energy harmonization and grounds your Being in the here and now, which ensures a deep and lasting vibratory elevation.

    Week 2: CLEANSING – Listen to Balm #02 / Abdomen (2nd and 3rd chakras)

    Called “hara” by the Japanese, the abdomen is the reservoir of energy and the memory matrix of the being, where experiences are digested and their emotional residues are stored. Perfectly suited to the winter, listening to Balm #02 during the second week allows you to cleanse and declutter what no longer nourishes you, promoting transmutation processes.

    Week 3: OPENING – Listen to Balm #03 / Lungs (4th and 5th chakras)

    As the base for breathing, the lungs are also the place where certain traumatic memories (fears, guilt) are imprinted as well as the emotional memories linked to sadness and sorrow (mourning, heartbreak and disappointment, loss). Balm #03 correlates with opening because it purifies and enlarges your inner space to allow you to expand your capacity for expression. If your thyroid is disturbed, this balm can be advantageously supplemented or replaced by Balm #06. In case of immune system failure or problems related to non-love (conditional love), the Balm #07 linked to the thymus, is also the perfect complement.

    Week 4: CONNECTING – Listen to Balm #04 / Pineal Gland (6th and 7th chakras)

    Associated with the third eye, the pineal gland is the center of intuition and subtle vision, thus ensuring the connection between physical and spiritual worlds. If Balm #01 correlates with grounding and connecting to Earth, Balm #04 is the balm of reliance and connection to Heaven. Listening to Balm #04 the last week is especially valuable to reduce mental activity, facilitate falling asleep and letting go.

    To follow this program

    • Open a personal account on the website.
    • In the e-shop, from any Sound Balm®, choose the 1-month subscription, which gives you access to the full range.The balms can then be accessed from the “My Account” page (“My Sound Balms” section).
    • Finally, follow the 4 steps described above.


    “There is a world of harmony, an eternal world from which came the infinite multiplicity of forms, colours, sounds, perfumes, flavors… The one who manages to approach this world tastes sensations of such richness, of such intensity that he no longer desires anything. It’s something indescribable, almost impossible to bear. In contact with this harmony, he understands how the universe lives, how it vibrates, what its structure is, what its predestination is. One imagines that, to discover the secrets of creation, one must search, study, read. No, to know the universe, one must learn to vibrate in unison with it thanks to the organs of spiritual knowledge: the solar plexus, the Hara centre, the aura… All the power of the spiritualist is in his will to put himself in harmony with the universal body, to reach the summit and to live the cosmic life.“ (1)
    “Harmony is the key. It is the biggest secret.“
    Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, like other masters of wisdom, knew this secret. In this perspective, creating this “happy relationship between the parts of the whole” that we are, individually and collectively, is certainly the first step. At the beginning of 2020, I warmly hope that you will take this first step, seize this key and open the door: Harmony is the most beautiful sun that we could see rise on the horizon of this world, for us, in us and all around us.  

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