Combined Balms, new fields of coherence

As combination of several Sound Balms®, Combined Balms have quickly established themselves as an indispensable path of development as they open up new therapeutic perspectives. In fact, the multiple possibilities of assembly can respond not only to logic of energy circulation, but also to therapeutic logic linked to blocking chains. Subtle construction game? Undeniably! Focus on balms 05 and 08.


The balm #05 (duration: 36’51”), first Combined Balm in the range, acts on the main energy circuit of the body that coincides with the vertical axis of the major chakras. The sound follows an upward movement, from coccyx to pineal gland, located in the head-centre: Earth energy is first “sucked” at the root chakra (tailbone) and then guided progressively towards the higher energy centres, mobilizing on its path chakras 2 and 3 (abdomen), 4 and 5 (lungs), up to the 6th (pineal gland), seat of inner vision and intuition. Its action is fluidizing, unifying and stimulating. Listening to balm #05 strengthens the anchor of the being to earth and his full embodying, stimulates the vital functions of the body, while unifying the lower and higher planes.

Aligned with the axis drawn by the spine, the being regains its function as a hyphen between heaven and earth.

This Combined Balm can solve any kind of blockages (physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual), including issues (problems) related to anchoring, such as:

  • difficulty of concretizing ideas and expressing desires in the matter;
  • feeling of not “being totally there”, of being fragmented;
  • sensation of stagnation and the difficulty of moving for oneself;
  • feeling of experiencing situations that are tough and seemingly hopeless.

It is also a support in the search for radical change, the ardent desire for evolution on all levels, or in the case of a spiritual quest mentalized and disconnected from the body.


The balm #08 (duration: 30’51”), second Combined Balm in the range, uses the entire energy sphere corresponding to the throat and the thoracic cavity, as well as the associated functions related to expression, creativity and breathing. The sound here follows a downward movement: the energy is activated from the 5th chakra (thyroid), then directed to the 4th chakra (thymus), to diffuse and radiate throughout the chest (lungs), with an opening movement of the thoracic cage, anterior and posterior sides.

In a more subtle reading, this combination tends to “pull” all the creative potential from the centre of expression, represented by the 5th chakra, to embed it in the vibratory heart of the being, located in the middle of the chest, so that he finds in himself the source of his own inspiration. This process also facilitates the unconditional acceptance of I Am Who I Am –that is self-love– beyond any external influence.

When expression is anchored in the heart, it is truly the fundamental Essence of the being that manifests itself in all its singularity.

The being can then radiate his Presence in the world, with ease, power and accuracy. The opening of the thoracic cage (lungs), at the end of balm, amplifies this expansion movement from the inside outward. By streamlining the distribution of vital energy along the throat/heart/lung path, this Combined Balm dissolves blockages, increases respiratory faculties and releases expression to better reveal hidden potentials.

This balm is therefore recommended for issues related to communication and positioning in relation to the external world, including:

  • difficulty expressing oneself and asserting oneself;
  • feeling of confinement and isolation;
  • feeling like suffocating and not having enough space to live;
  • need to unleash creative potential and lack of inspiration.

It also helps to release heavy emotional memories and unhealed wounds of the past, such as sadness and unspoken, but also non-self-love, the difficulty of receiving, of welcoming events as they are and of moving forward.


Perfect for a one-week cure (see the 1-week subscription), Combined Balms must be listened once a day or more, depending on your current state. It is possible that you will feel a kind of saturation after 2 or 3 days listening: this is a valuable indicator which means that a deep work is underway and requires a time of integration. Listen to your body and take a break if necessary.

Due to the duration of the sequences, Combined Balms require a little more organization and demand you to give yourself time. Therefore, provide time for quiet listening in a comfortable position, and alone to avoid interference. It is also recommended to use high-quality headphones or earphones, to facilitate not only your inner listening but also the implementation of harmonization processes. The sound frequencies that resonate with your bone structure, as well as your skin and your subtle bodies, will deepen your experience.

If, like all Sound Balms®, Combined Balms act simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, their listening can be more intense: first of all by the duration of the sequences (more than 30 min), which induces a very deep state of relaxation, and by the fact that the energy circuits involve many vital functions.

Finally, know that the volume level affects your experience: thus, the higher the volume, the more powerful the experience. In case of physical or mental problems (illness, depression), it is best to start with a medium or low volume, then gradually increase. If you’re just tired and wish to progress quickly, adjust the volume to your listening comfort.

By guiding energy according to coherent circuits and releasing blocking chains, Combined Balms redraw the mapping of a unified and tuned being.

Combined Balms truly represent new fields of coherence in this research: by restoring the circulation of vital energy in the various bodies and subtle centres, they facilitate the emergence of our hidden potentials, thereby expanding the field of possibilities offered by Sound Balms®.

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