All the testimonials presented are absolutely authentic. The evoked experiences pertaining to the intimacy of being, and for the respect of people, only the first names are mentioned.

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  • Caroline

    Nine years ago, with the help of a psychogenealogist, I discovered that I had lost a twin in utero. It was both a great emotional upheaval and a relief to finally be able to put words into feelings of lack, pain, suffering… With the help of different therapists, I’ve been able to understand and express the desire to find this lost twin, to join him, not to want to live without him, the anger, the pain that he was not with me, but also the guilt of being alive and not him. I was well aware of all these sensations and emotions and yet I still did not accept his loss.

    After several years of working on myself, I feel that I am finally in a healing energy. And that’s when Erin and the Sound Balms were introduced to me. After a week of listening, and quite suddenly, I decide or rather it decides in me that it is enough and that I have the right to live. I give myself the right to live and no longer “punish” myself through a guilty attitude.

    And the next night, in the same sudden way, when I hadn’t consciously thought about it for a long time, I feel ready to let go of my twin, to accept his leaving. I take him in my arms and say goodbye. We then stand hand in hand for a moment, he on his side of the “veil” and I on mine, incarnate. And then I let him go. I never thought I could accept our separation. In the end, I would discover that the veil is thin and that it stays close to me. But now I accept my incarnation and I can live for myself.

    Thank you, Erin, for this wonderful release.

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