Balm #02 Abdomen

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Stress and anxiety, fears, digestive problems, dietary imbalances, problems related to intrauterine life and birth, difficulty to free oneself from a heavy genealogical heritage (transgenerational memories), lack of energy and vitality, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, issues related to sexuality, addictions of any kind, emotional dependence, excessive attachment, difficulties in letting go.

Balm #02 Abdomen
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Called “hara” by the Japanese, the abdomen is the reservoir of energy and the memory matrix of the being, where experiences are digested and their emotional residues are stored. Considered the second brain, it harbors the digestive system and plays an important role in managing emotions by producing a powerful neurotransmitter (serotonin). A space where the being’s transgenerational heritage is imprinted, the abdomen is also linked to the processes of fertilization and birth/creation.

A harmonized abdomen results in many benefits: vitality, enthusiasm, creativity, security and confidence.

Duration: 6'47"
Choose this balm for:

Stress and anxiety, fears, digestive problems, dietary imbalances, problems related to intrauterine life and birth, difficulty to free oneself from a heavy genealogical heritage (transgenerational memories), lack of energy and vitality, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, issues related to sexuality, addictions of any kind, emotional dependence, excessive attachment, difficulties in letting go.

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Icone diamant sur fond rouge
Expert review
Elizabeth, sophrologist

An experience that revealed repressed memories

“My experience with this sonic balm has been challenging yet has also revealed repressed memories from my intra-uterine life up to my periods of coma where my memory faded. This revelatory process allowed me to experience highly intense vibratory episodes, mainly along the Svadistana and Muladhara chakras. The vibratory phenomena were accompanied by orange or blue colored visions (depending on the sessions and vortexes stimulated), landscapes that initially appeared unknown but then vivance at the level of consciousness, the presence of deceased loved ones.

As a Sophrologist, I am used to “traveling” through territories of modified consciousness. However in this case, there is no need to know any insider techniques. The only work to be done is to listen, without prejudice, to the chanting of the balm that carries us where we need to go. The vivance is immediate, profound, constantly evolving as the days go by. The sound balm acts where it is needed.

A week after I had finished listening to the sound balm, I experienced two moments of amazing synchronicity that profoundly shook what I had recently experienced:

  • First with my brother who recalled and shared with me for the 1st time, his recollection of the birth of our stillborn brother, a taboo subject in our family;
  • Then with a childhood friend who confessed to me that she had heard me having conversations with my deceased family members, including my stillborn brother, during my two periods of coma I experienced as a teenager. She had never dared tell me about it until now.

The sound balm continues its journey, its action fills me with serenity and seems to reach and comfort those around me. This reminds me of a quotation from Gandhi: “External freedom will be granted to us only to the exact extent that we will have learned, at a given moment, to develop our inner freedom.


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  1. Jerome

    A closed mouth, sounds coming out, a daily listening of the sound balm. A way to get out of our chrysalis and find our way through Erin’s voice. Deep and effective care that will allow you to see more clearly and move on your path. A true release and a powerful boost of energy.

    I noticed an improvement in my breathing, now larger, but also a change in consciousness, a release and an opening, with a greater ability to express myself and to say things.

  2. Fabien

    The balm is like a wave that rises from the feet to the head and awakens the sacred sexual energy. I even noticed that the nervous discharges in the legs and the discomfort in the throat that I feel when I fall asleep, have disappeared. My sleep is deeper than before, with a feeling of regeneration. The breath at the end is particularly pleasant; it is like a cleansing, a release.

    My body was like a huge factory, where workers worked all day, some of them exhausted in the blast furnaces, others in the kitchens… And when evening came, they all left their offices, one after the other, to go to rest. The factory was gradually emptying and a great calm was heard in silence.
    As I listened, I noticed a greater ease, as well as a greater rapidity, of my body to relax, to fully surrender and to enter in resonance with sound. My body has been transformed, in the sense that it is more synchronous with the frequencies, and it is an extraordinary experience, felt as a bodily change that I do not explain to myself and that I do not wish to explain! I’m asking for more!

    I felt very strong like a ball of energy in my abdomen. Then I felt something strange again, but this time in my chest. It’s hard to explain. “Connection” is the word that came to me. Connect to what? I don’t know at all, but it’s an unexpected and extremely strong thing. It was in the heart…

  3. Luz

    From the first listening, my head was crossed by a beneficial wave and at the end of the balm, I got chills throughout the body. It’s like a powerful wind blowing through everything. I had the impression of experiencing a storm and the calm that comes immediately after, leaving a great feeling of peace. My sleep has increased in depth and density.

    Over the course of listening, my need to program life’s events has given way to an accurate and dazzling instinct, as well as a clear and lucid action. My hearing also improved.

  4. Dominique

    From the beginning of the balm, my belly began to vibrate, as if the energy began to radiate in a very sensitive way, starting from the lower abdomen and then spreading throughout very quickly the rest of the body. That’s really what’s very interesting, this feeling of relaxation that spreads throughout the body as soon as the sound arrives. And then the audio quality makes you truly enveloped by sound. I also felt an evolution of my sleep, towards even more relaxation and depth.

  5. Marion

    On the first day of listening, I had the impression of a huge tube of energy that started from my belly to the sky, with a lot of warmth in the abdomen. A very powerful sensation. On the 4th day, I had the feeling that a large scrub had been made, followed by an appeasement, as when applying a moisturizing cream that softens, soothes, calms.

  6. Angelo

    After a week of listening, my sleep improved, with fewer night awakenings. I also noticed an improvement in my creative process, with greater fluency to write and finalize my songs.

  7. Jerome

    After a week of listening to the balm, I noticed that I had gained confidence and that I was taking my place with a greater ease.

  8. Sandra

    Not only has my sleep improved, but I felt like a great inner cleansing that literally pushed me into an outer cleansing!

  9. Eugenie

    From the first time I listened to the balm, I felt my breathing very fluid as if my nose allowed me to breathe more deeply. Afterwards, always a large breath in listening, as if I could take twice as much air to inspire. A very pleasant feeling.

    I feel like I have more energy to set things up and do new things.

  10. Catherine

    I’m surprised to see that the ankle stiffness I’ve had for a couple of weeks is gone.

  11. Sabine

    After 1 week of listening to the balm, I felt a clear vibration rise with, as an immediate effect, more magnetism and a multiplication of encounters and synchronicities in my life. This balm is a real concentration of positive vibrations!

    I stopped listening to the balm before I went to sleep because as much as it soothed me and made me slide slowly towards the dreams at the beginning, so much so now it boosts me and turns on my energy for 3 hours! I listen to it now in the morning.

  12. Marie-Claire

    The first time I listened to the balm, I felt the vibration rising from the upper thighs, then reaching the buttocks, the lower abdomen and the pubic area, with circular movements and great warmth… so much so that I experienced some kind of energetic orgasm! Each time I listen to the balm, the sensations are different, but I always hear the same crystalline and soothing sounds, like beautiful water music from a waterfall or a fountain…

  13. Juliette

    I felt that the balm was working on my abdomen, with intense heat in the hands. The day after the first listening, my abdomen was surprisingly deflated… and vitality was there!

  14. Sandra

    I’ve known Erin for several years now and her work with sound is exceptional. I had the opportunity to experience this Sound Balm when she started her project. I was then touched by the power of this media.

    Being in a period of great personal change, I felt the need to take this balm again for a 7-day cure, so that it would accompany me on my path. My body somatized in an unusual way for me (vomiting) without being able to decode what was playing. I started the balm the same evening. From there, feelings, but especially images and scenes will bring understanding that I did not have access to.

    • D1: great need to remove from me some people who pump me and cut me off from my energy to regain my inner space. I’ve been in “retirement” mode all week because I need to be alone
    • D2: I’m in the E.R. with vision problems for 30 minutes (obviously I’ll have to change my point of view). I am on a work stoppage. That evening, the sound balm will make me experience a great purge, a great cleansing of the black parts present in me. Obviously, I have to strip myself of some “stinking” things in me
    • D3: scene of an endless birth of a snake until the liberating expulsion. My body becomes my space, my kingdom. Strong need of solitude and man is not allowed to be in my space for now
    • D4: going down a well, a dead end from which I have to come out and where I feel cramped. My body vibrates, fidgets; I scream; I end up even crying. It is a rebirth. In the end, everything is calm; I am fine. I’m starting to come out of this dark period…
    • D5: a deep feeling of intervention in my brain to update the hard drive. Reprogramming… Convinced that everything is already programmed, that I have no control over what is going on… Just to welcome and let me be crossed, in confidence. It’s a dizzying sensation!
    • D6: travel out of time in the cosmos, out of the feeling, no thought… The fullness of immensity. Vertigo continues… I touch the vastness, the beauty of the world… It is very moving. Gratitude. My spiritual path comes through there.
    • D7: purely bodily sensation, no image, but a movement from left to right. Everything is overall light, the work seems finished. I am all right.

      Thanks to the sound balm, I was able to integrate the depth of what was playing for me: a questioning of my place, a change of view on my life and my process, on my desires and my needs… Necessary transformations to find my life axis, in connection with my spiritual part. In the end, the medical examinations were all good! Here was played something far more subtle and profound than medicine can name.

      I came out tired (not because of the balm!) but with the conviction of having the keys in me by listening to my body. And the balm helped me deeply with its light.

      The balm thus resounds where work must be done, with power, subtlety and accuracy. Our minds can sometimes be heckled, but it is nothing… It is up to us to welcome the greatness of our being, revealed by the balm. Thank you again my dear Erin, your action is unique and immensely valuable. Gratitude.

  15. helo.sanson

    Since I stopped breastfeeding my 3 month old daughter, she had a lot of regurgitation and trouble sleeping. First we were advised to change milk… without success. Then we were prescribed a drug to limit acid production in the stomach but we did not want to follow this advice, not being a fan of this kind of solution.

    The balm presented itself to us as a “safe” alternative to health. After listening to the “Abdomen“ balm for a week, we could observe some changes: sleeping position, need to be in contact with me, less regurgitation…
    Today, our daughter no longer regurgitates and wakes up at night, even if she stays early :)

  16. Liliane

    After working with balm #02, I can testify to two particularly significant results.

    1. The first one concerns a book I wrote in 2017. Unfortunately, unforeseen events forced me to devote myself to other priorities, leaving me neither the strength nor the time to proofread and correct it. But the balm served as a catalyst, bringing me a new energy that allowed me to resume my work on this book.

    2. The second result concerns a major problem of near-permanent bleeding over the past 2 years, in connection with problems experienced by relatives. At the end of the listening, I could see the hemorrhages decrease every day and a week later, I no longer suffer from bleeding at all!

    Many thanks to the beneficial frequencies of this balm!

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